Africa Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Network (AP3N) is a network of PPP Units and practitioners across the continent established out of a greater realization and consensus for the need for collaboration between the Africa PPP Units and Practitioners for the realization of Africa’s infrastructure development.

During the 26th meeting of the Heads of State and Government Orientation Committee in Addis Ababa on the 28th of January 2012, critical discussions on the establishment of AP3N were held for the establishment of an implementation strategy for the infrastructure development and harmonization of PPPs in Africa. This support expressed by Heads of African States is a clear evidence for the need to establish AP3N.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), one of the five UN regional commissions established in 1958 by the United Nations Economic and Social Council to encourage economic cooperation among member states, has pledged total support towards the establishment of the AP3N.


Develop Africa based PPP solutions to bridge infrastructure gaps in the continent by bringing together PPP Units, professionals and experts across the continent to share experiences in the design and implementation of infrastructure projects and services across the continent.


Be the PPP centre of excellence for Africa by providing PPP solutions for infrastructure and service delivery through capacity building, knowledge sharing and connectivity, resulting in maximum benefits to the users of the infrastructure and services , and economic growth and development for the continent.



The objectives of the AP3N will be to;

  1. Provide PPP Units with avenues to access PPP technical assistance required in the design and delivery of PPP projects;
  2.  Opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing and capacity building on specific PPP topics or areas of concern;
  3. Promote common understanding and cooperation among PPP Units and practitioners across the continent;
  4. Foster and strengthen information gathering and exchange among PPP Units and practitioners across the continent to be published in newsletters and other media;
  5. Promote the sharing of country, regional, and continental experiences in infrastructure structure and delivery models;
  6. Provide avenues where PPP projects across the continent can be pitched to the private sector players, financiers, project sponsors, multilateral development banks, and development partners to enjoy economies of scale;
  7. Provide a platform for effective brainstorming and round table discussions on the best and most innovative solutions for infrastructure delivery in Africa ranging from infrastructure financing solutions, effective enabling environment, and PPP delivery solutions based on international best practices;
  8. Foster implementation of PPP projects considering People First Principles in the attainment of the SDGs;
  9. Promote connectivity with other similar PPP networks in the world to promote knowledge sharing and information gathering for better infrastructure delivery; and
  10. Promote Research and Development to enrich policy formulation in various African countries and in the long-term, to facilitate the development of AFRICA INFRASTRUCTURE THINK TANK.